Monday, April 1, 2013


“I enjoy the kids. I throw a nerf football around with them between classes and sometimes in class. We try to laugh during our brain breaks. ... We can never lighten up enough on our kids.  ... All my years of teaching, and I am only finding this out at the end. All these years, I thought it was all so serious. Dang.” __ Ben Slavic 
Last week I went into one of Emilie’s classes in order to be her model for the Class competitions. Tuesday we did PQA and Friday we did a story. She did the same thing in the next class. And as I stood in front of those kids who had their names written on cards because I didn’t know them, I realized that I really missed being in a classroom, standing in front of twenty some kids.
This year I’ve been giving private lessons and there are six in my largest group, so it’s not at all the same thing. My private students are very motivated and pleasant, but there’s not the same tension as there is in a “real” classroom. It’s a bit like walking a tightrope, trying to keep them engaged and yet rigorous, reeling in the loose minds that start to stray without them being too aware that you’re reeling them in, knowing there’s no net below you. 
Then there are those magic moments when you make a connection and see eyes light up and there's genuine laughter, laughter that can be shared, laughter that harms no one. That's how I got my highs.  
So, yes. Dang.


Kristin York said...

Thanks Mrs D - after a couple of really hard days in the classroom I appreciate this perspective.

Mrs. Dubois said...

Somehow, it's the problem kids that you finally get through to that give you the fondest memories.