Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Parable

A man dreamed that he was taken on a trip to the afterlife. First, he went to hell. There he saw a lot of people gathered around a large kettle. A delicious smell emanated from the kettle, it was full of a delectable stew. But everyone was starving and unhappy. You see, each person had a spoon attached to his hand, but the handle of the spoon was too long, and no one could put the spoon to his mouth. So everyone was moaning and complaining and unable to get anything to eat. It was sheer torture.

Then the man went to heaven. He saw exactly the same situation with the kettle and the spoons, but this time everyone was happy and obviously well fed. The man asked one of the people how they could be happy when they couldn’t put the spoon to their mouths. The person replied, “It’s easy. You see, we feed each other.”

Robert Farrell

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