Monday, October 5, 2009

My name is Jeff, Jeff Bond.

I'm forty-two years old. I live in London. My unique childhood memory is when one morning when I went to my high school, I saw nobody. Finding this strange, I went to look in the classrooms to see if there was somebody. In the room, I saw students held hostage by a man wearing a cowl and carrying a gun. It was in this way I discovered that the high school had been taken hostage by gangsters. I learnt that the leader of the band was in the staff room because one gangster who called him told him that he controlled the first floor. By learning it, I skipped into the air duct which goes to the staff room. The exit of the air duct was above the leader of the band. I opened the ventilation cover and I jumped on him from above, knocking him out. With his talky-walky I told all the gangsters to come to the staff room. When all the band was in the staff room, I locked the door and I called the police. This is how I saved my high school from the gangsters.

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