Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Soccer's World Champion

A Crazy Vacation

This summer Léa went to Biscarosse on vacation, because she enjoys swimming. She went there on a pink scooter. Every day she ate crab sandwiches and she drank pink Orangina. In the morning she went swimming and in the afternoon she played beach soccer.

One day Eric Cantona saw Léa playing beach soccer. She was playing like a champion. He asked her to join his team. Léa said no because she doesn't like men with beards.

Another day Raymond Domenech saw Léa playing beach soccer. He asked her to help his team qualify for the European Cup. Léa said no because she doesn't like Raymond Domenech.

Then one day Zac Efron saw Léa playing beach soccer and he invited her to a Japanese restaurant. They ate thirty-seven sushi and drank green tea. Zac asked Léa to join his team. Of course Léa said yes. Now Zac's team has won the Beach Soccer World Cup.

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